Feb Newsletter

We have some great deals for you in this update. If you have been considering a headlight upgrade to your vehicle or are at that stage of your build this might just be the news you need.
These prices will never be repeated and are only available in limited numbers, if you want a set of these lights then don't delay the few that we have won't be around for long.  These lights are in stock and could be fitted on your car by this time next week.  It is Valentines after all, show a little love to your car.  
All prices will return to normal after the weekend or once the limited stock has gone.


Normally £240+VAT a pair, we have just a few sets of these available at this once only price of £199+. These lamps are a combined Main-Dip-Side-DRL-Indicator and look awesome on any vehicle. If chrome is not your bag then just paint them to match you car. Supplied complete with headlamp bulbs. You may need to add resistors to the indicator circuit depending on your flasher relay. 

Discount code: AL1C199

Available in polished Stainless Steel or Black Coated, these lovely quality headlights won't be available again at this crazy price. 
Normally £104 each this weekend they are £75. Only 3 pairs of each available at this price so be quick. These lamps are IVA compliant and cover your Side, Dip and Main Beam. They are supplied with a H4 Main and Dip bulb and Sidelight Bulb.
Discount Code
Black: W775
Discount Code Stainless: W675
Small Steering Wheel
I picked up this tiny steering rack last week, I really wanted to get a proper steering setup on my sons Cobra Tot Rod.  This should do the trick. I'm now  looking for a small steering wheel, a ten inch wood rim would be perfect.  If you have one or know where I can get one please let me know. 
Unfortunately this year two of our regular Kit Car shows (Detling and Newark) have been cancelled, leaving us with only three shows on the calendar.  Closer to the time we will be offering show collection for online orders so you can save on delivery cost if you are planning to visit the shows. 
We are now proud to announce that we will soon be stocking a range of Hella lighting products.  These fantastic quality lights are respected all around the world and we have carefully selected a range of products that we think you will all like.  One product that we are sure will be popular is the 90mm Bi-Halogen projector lamp. Dip and Main Headlamps in just one 90mm lamp unit. Keep an eye on the website in the next couple of weeks for updates. 

POR 15
We are also now a stockist of Por15 Rust converters and Protectors. 
POR-15 works because it chemically bonds to rusted metal and forms a rock-hard, non-porous coating that won't crack, chip, or peel. It keeps moisture away from metal with a coating that is strengthened by continued exposure to moisture.  We also stock their renowned Fuel Tank Sealer and all preparation products.