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    Comments (0) BERKELEY T60 BUILD
    Many Berkeleys have been rebuilt over the years with Mini engines which, in my opinion, are just too big for this pretty little car. They invariably sit too high and usually have an ugly bonnet bulge.
    Comments (0) How to trim plastic lamp mounts at an angle
    Not all rear panels have vertical surfaces to mount your rear lamps. Our moulded lamp housings offer an easy way to mount your lamps vertically on a sloping rear panel. Here's how to trim them.
    Comments (0) Feedback & Updates

    We've had some great feedback on the new site, so thank you for your comments and recommendations. Some of your requests have been implemented, and some will be added for future updates.

    Another 500+ 360 images have been added so we're getting closer to a complete set. We hope the shutdown of www.c...

    Comments (0) Website launch

    Its taken a few months now, and there's been a number of late nights. But we're now ready to show off all our hard work. We hope you like it. As with all online content there could well be some teething problems. Although we have tested it to destruction there are sure to be bits we have missed, So ...

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