Wrap-around Hook and Loop Fastened Sleeving

Knitted or braided high bulk glassfibre sleeve, silicone coated with sewn-on hook and loop closure for easy installation without disconnecting cables or hoses.

  • Continuous operating temp. 500ºF (250ºC) 
  • Max. short term exposure 3000ºF (1650ºC) 
  • Flame resistance - Very good 
  • Abrasion resistance - Very good 
  • Flexibility - Good 
  • Water & Oil resistance - Good. 
  • SOLD FROM A ROLL BY THE METRE ie. if you order quantity 3 you will receive one 3m length 


  • 19mm ID #TPV19 £30 
  • 25mm ID #TPV25 £34 
  • 32mm ID #TPV32 £38 
  • 38mm ID #TPV38 £43
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